Riff Relevants Video Premiere of Netuno Doom The Second Sun

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Senior Writer/Editor, RiffRelevant.com)

Brazil’s amazingly diversified psyche-infused Stoner Doom band Netuno Doom have graciously partnered with Riff Relevant for the EXCLUSIVE global premiere of their brand new video!

The power trio at the core of Netuno Doom consists of Cosmonaut Fuzz (Guitar/ Vocal), Spectral Doom (Bass) and Cesar Bong (Drums). What this threefold behemoth of doom music deliver is a crushing meld of thickened sonic heaviness as they explore a sound with limitless potential. Their mastery of creating wide spectrums of music is something that other bands struggle endlessly to achieve yet rarely actually do.

Netuno Doom was formed out of the ashes of a previous project, Braves Face The Devil. Once their metamorphosis into Netuno Doom was complete, the guys went to work writing and recording the newest milestone of their arrival, an album titled “The Second Sun“. Today’s EXCLUSIVE planet-wide unveiling of the title track’s official visualizer acts as the heralding event to announce that Netuno Doom is here to blow minds!

The concept of “The Second Sun” is deeply rooted in Sci-Fi along with possible real life scenarios and inspiration. It unveils the story of a not-too-distant future where mankind and alien lifeforms are locked in conflict. But it also takes elements of cinematic films like “2010” and merges them with components of modern conspiracies like The Lucifer Project. The latter being a belief that NASA is attempting to turn Jupiter into a second solar body much like our own sun and thus threaten the very existence of man and much more.

Netuno Doom‘s far-reaching grasp on profound lyrical themes is only matched by their iron-gripped grasp on creating Space Rock-infused Stoner Doom. Those aspects possess abundant themes about space, Sci-Fi and cosmos-based horror influenced by both H.P Lovecraft and other established science fiction writers.

So, no more hype as I know anxiety has reached a fevered pitch for the Riff Relevant EXCLUSIVE, Earth-wide premiere of Netuno Doom‘s “The Second Sun“!

Netuno DoomThe Second Sun” is available for further streaming and purchase at this Bandcamp location.

[P.S. – Watch for the bonus image at the 6:04 mark in the video!]

Source: Riff Relevant