Longhouse Ii Vanishing Album Review and Stream

(By Brian Halsey, Staff Writer, RiffRelevant.com)


Do you want to know the truth about Canada’s LonghouseII: Vanishing release? It is one of the darkest, most evil, doom / blackened metal albums I’ve ever heard in my entire life.

Assuming you watched this season of American Horror Story: Roanoke, I just want to personally confide that this is the type of nightmarish shit I heard in my head when ‘The Butcher’ was thrashing people for getting lost in her forest.

Longhouse has really done something intense here. Recently signed on with Canada’s Deathbound Records earlier in July, ‘II: Vanishing‘ was self-released in April 2017, recorded by Mike Bond at Wolf Lake Studios, with mix and mastering done in The Bond Cave (Assistant Engineer, JP Sadek). Their sophomore release comes nearly two-years after the 2015 début, ‘Earth From Water’.

This is the opposite end of the doomsphere that doesn’t get credited nearly enough. These aren’t ambient, mellow, stoner grooves. These are walk out into the woods and drown your enemies in a river of blood for the fuck of it, type of songs.

The first four (of their five) songs show impressive versatility in terms of musicianship. They slow it down, then speed it up, then drop it heavy. Marc Casey (guitars), Josh Cayer (bass and vocals), and Mike Hache (drums) rip through five punishing tracks and leave you wanting more.

Although the music is heavy, Longhouse does not bury it under an obnoxiously gritty recording. The guitar work is dark, but in a beautiful way that has room to breathe.

‘No Name, No Marker,’ is genuinely one of the best blackened doom songs of the year. The vocals on the other hand maintain a consistent portrait of hatred. The album’s closer features the additions of synth from Loviatar‘s Shane Whitbread, as well as J.D. Gobeil lending a voice, ‘The Vigil,’ will leave you utterly haunted. (Lyric video is below.)

If you really wanna get down to it, just think about the definition of a Longhouse. It’s a large communal dwelling, where you live with your wife and kids, as well as your parents, and your in-laws, too. That’s way more fucking terrifying than something like Cannibal Corpse.

If you’re one of those metal heads who wishes life could have a Halloween vibe 24/7, just put Longhouse’s ‘II: Vanishing’ on repeat and enjoy.

Listen to them here. You’re welcome.

II: Vanishing – Track List:

1. Hunter’s Moon
2. Vanishing
3. Blood and Stone
4. No Name, No Marker
5. The Vigil

Source: Riff Relevant