Dont Call It A Comebackbut Confessor Are Coming Back

(By Pat ‘Riot’ Whitaker, Lead Journalist/Writer,

The equally iconic, legendary North Carolina-based metallic doom unit Confessor seem to be on the verge of a long-awaited return. There has been a flurry of recent activity surrounding the beloved band of late, including the launch of an official website as well as activity on the band’s Facebook page.

According to recent updates from drummer Steve Shelton, the band has written half of the material needed for a new full-length. Such a new release of material would be Confessor‘s first new album since the 2005 release, Unraveled.

Confessor originally formed in Raleigh, N.C. back in 1986 but underwent some shaky beginnings for the first year or two of their existence. Once somewhat settled, the band began creating uniquely heavy music with a flair for intriguing time changes, Their music was complex and quite forward thinking, really more akin to what we call progressive metal these days. However, their lyrical themes centered on despair and desolation which led most fans and journalists to label them as a “doom band”.

In 1991 Confessor released their game changing full-length debut, Condemned, for Earache Records after a handful of demo efforts. The release propelled the band on to many prestigious tours (like the EU. run for Gods Of Grind with Entombed, Carcass & Cathedral) as well as MTV video airplay. Confessor recorded a S/T 3-song EP in 1992 that contained two Trouble covers.

After another European tour, things began to fall apart for Confessor unfortunately. Earache foolishly overlooked the potential and uniqueness of the band and began to neglect properly promoting them. The first to exit was guitarist Ivan Colon (who later passed away in 2002) and soon singer Scott Jeffreys followed suit. Confessor officially disbanded in January 1994.

The band would reunite for a tribute show around the time of Ivan’s passing in 2002 which lead to a decision to reform Confessor. This reactivation lasted for several years, during which the guys released a pair of EPs prior to their eventual sophomore full-length record release in 2005. “Unraveled” was issued through Season Of Mist.

After subsequent compilation and video releases, 2009 brought the announcement that vocalist Scott Jeffreys was leaving again. His departure this time was due to a required relocation related to his employment outside of playing music. Confessor never replaced him and it was announced in late 2011 that Scott would be working with the band again, but the future was uncertain because he was living and working in China.

Well, as I said at the beginning, things do not seem so uncertain anymore as Confessor has launched that official website and there’s recent activity on their Facebook page. Not to mention they’ve reported that they’re well on the way in working on a new record…all of which is fantastic news, When there is more news announced, Riff Relevant will be sure to bring it to you immediately too!

Source: Riff Relevant