Bittered Album Foreign Agenda Out Oct Today Sliptrick Records

Bittered started out more on the aggressive doomy side for their first album, Hubris Aggression but then lost most of the dark elements by the release of 2016’s Government Oppression. With the new album Foreign Agenda, the band is tough, angry and not afraid to tackle and shit on the political arena. Read more about Foreign Agenda …here

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Bittered – Foreign Agenda
01. Intro | 02. Follow Your Leader | 03. Media Crook | 04. Planetary Meltdown | 05. Brick By Brick | 06. Mind Loss | 07. Deprivation | 08. Bible F*cker | 09. Foreign Agenda | 10. Badge Head | 11. Witch Hunt

Genre: Grindcore | Thrash | Metal
Tracks: 11 | Duration: 00:24:49
Released by: Sliptrick Records 12.10.17
Band pages: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

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Source: Sliptrick Records