5 Star Grave The Rinn Allies Mass Sign To Sliptrick

Joining the ranks at Sliptrick Records this week:

5 Star Grave (IT) Horror Metal | Punk Rock
The Rinn (RUS) Power Metal | Folk
Allie’s Mass (ES) Stoner | Doom | Rock and Roll

5 Star Grave
Here today, gone tomorrow. Let’s do a little recap of the 5 Star Grave story so far: In 2008 AD, Corpse Breed Syndrome was released presenting a weird and addictive combination of heavy metal, thrash, punk rock and industrial atmospheres, combined with an extreme vocal aggression and catchy melodies. Four years later, Drugstore Hell appears, sharpening the songwriting and expanding the soundscapes with an in your face death’n’roll overdose. So guess what these 6 weirdos are up to in 2017 AD? Releasing a new collection of reckless tunes adequately entitled The Red Room, obviously! Once again the listener is charged by an hardcore/horror punk-influenced metal assault supported by a wide range of vocals and the usual light-hearted horror inspired imagery directly derived from 80’s metal/shock rock golden days. The 6 pricks from Hell are back in town!

The Red Room | Released September 26th, 2017 on Sliptrick Records

Band links: Official Website | Facebook | Youtube

The Rinn
Russian folk power metal outfit, The Rinn, were formed in 2013 and soon got underway with their very first single, Voices From The Past (recording with 2 bass guitars and no electric guitars). The band are well known for their eclectic use of instruments and voices often going against conventional practices to create their own unique sound. The Rinn have also gone through many line-up changes with each of their numerous single releases, often inviting guest musicians to perform with the core group. Now the band are settled and ready with their forthcoming debut album Stories Of The Green Fairy, a powerful fusion of folk, rock, electronic and metal music.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Allie’s Mass
Allie’s Mass are a heavy-stoned five-member group based in Spain and living in a world of deep shadows. The boys deal with life’s hypocrisy with their dark and damned music inspired and based around the story of Allie, a coven leader. In their own words; “The coven is headed by Allie, our master goddess who guides us through this doomed world, giving us the ability to transform our hatred into sounds, in a small murky room where we, with our amps, cabs and drum kits, can reach that state of communion.”

Their self-titled album will be released on Sliptrick Records later in the year with carefully crafted artwork which will give you some visual clues of what is going on in Allie’s tangible fantasy.

Band links: Facebook | Youtube | Instagram

Source: Sliptrick Records